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LYSISTRATA: Or she who disbands armies  

DEVISED BY Young SixSix after Aristophanes 

‘If it wasn’t that man on that night it would’ve been another man on another night, because men hurt women. Because they can.’

It’s funny
She sees the boys moving in packs now
She sees the girls hiding themselves now
She sees the men fighting their rage now
She sees the women holding their breath now

It’s funny
It’s right now, but it’s the same as before.
Of course this has all happened before.
So many times before. 
So many times we can’t be bothered to keep count any more

But it’s funny. It’s funny. Is it still funny?

Young SixSix presents a bold reimagining of the Ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata. Transported to the battleground of Bristol's streets, it explores the complex relationships between a group of young people trying to figure out their place in the world. This restless retelling looks at the tragedy of violence and the battle for young people to defend their own bodies and futures.


Co-Directors - Julia Head and Xahnaa Adlam 
Writer in the Room - Vanessa Kisuule
Designer - Hazel McIntosh
Choreographer - Liana Cottrill
Musical Director - Jazpa Taylor
Lyricists - Xahnaa Adlam, Daniel Forbes
Composer and Musician - Simon Burke
Lighting Designer - Mike Gunning
Assistant Director - Sophia Oriogun-Williams
Production Manager - Imogen Senter
Stage Manager - Kirsty Milne
Producer - Lucy Hunt

Production photography by Chelsey Cliff. 

Photos by Chelsey Cliff